Baker - On the mend !

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Ross Baker's long awaited come back has taken a turn for Acting Secretary, Ross surprising came through a Downton training session without incident and is looking towards the future. Ross (Right) has been out since May after under going Cruciate knee ligament surgery & the knee has been responding ahead on schedule. Ross Baker has been talking exculsivley to TTFC.

Q1 so then Ross welcome to TTFC on the blog!!! How are you today?

I'm great thanks. Just finished my Christmas shopping.

Q2 so your currently injured…what exactly is wrong???

I had my right knee re-constructed in May which is a big injury.

Q3 So a big day is looming for totton town…when are you looking to return to first team football?

I'm looking at January 2008- I don't wont to rush back too soon in case of any further setbacks.

Q4 How do you feel about Totton Town being placed in junior 2?

Very pleased but there is still a lot of hard work to do.

Q5 Which team Totton Town has played against impressed you the most?

Adam Mallett- His work rate and commitment has really pleased me and I like players like that. Liam Hanlon- The way he played against City central in the 2nd half was quality.

Q7 How come TTFC have lost there last 2 games??

Playing against 2 good sides who have been together for years although FC Poland should of been dispatced.

Q8 Do we miss Boothy?


Q9 Where would you fit into in the first team??

At the back or on the wings. I reckon I could even do a job uptop.

Q10 What was your reaction about the 2-1 defeat to AFC Blues.

We were very naive that day and our old keeper made mistakes but we weren't at the races to be fair.

Q11 What was your reaction to the 9-3 defeat of Chandlers Ford Ath??

It was a great feeling to punish and destroy the league leaders, Dan Gain ran the show but I thought my management that day proved key.

Q12 Who is the worst dressed player??

Sam Payne - He loves that blue hoody!!!

Q13 who is the ultimate puller????


Q14 What would Jason Barnes bring to the squad?????

Length and a great left foot.

Q15 Who has scored the best goal this season??

Boothy against BCN, it was a great chip from at least 30 yards.

Q16 How is Glenn??

He is good. He is off to the Orange rooms tonight.

Q17 How is Charlie the cat??

Still bossing Broadmeadow.

Q18 What will you bring us in May??? (Judge me in may)???

The junior 2 title and pulling!!!!!!!!!

Q19 who is the longest in the showers????

Liam Hanlon

Q20 how big are you bell-end wise???

The biggest!!!!!!!!!
Ummm!! Thanks Ross!


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After yesterdays painful defeat at the hands of City Central, Matt Froukhians and his brother Aaron took time out to reflect on the game and the rest of the season.

"it was disappointing" Matt said with an upbeat look on his face. "We never really got into the game, we just didn't perform, but credit to Central, they never allowed us to get into it. They deserved the win and were by far the better team on the day." But Aaron and Matt both insisted that the team can still beat City Central on there day.

"We knew they would be a good side" Aaron commented "but 1 or 2 of there results in the league suggested to us that we should be beating them, i think a few of the lads were a little surprised by how good they were, we gave them too much space in midfield and they were more up for it in every challenge, quicker to every ball. I think if we played them again, being better prepared tactically and mentally, the score will no way be 5-1 again, we will run them close!"

Despite being knocked out of the Cup at the 1st hurdle the brothers of destruction insisted the league is still the priority. "Not being in junior 1 next season would be a complete disaster" Matt said boldly. "I'm still very confident we will win the league, despite the small set-back yesterday, the main goal is to be in the top division in 3 seasons!

Aaron agreed with Matt insisting the league is the main target, but also insisted that the FC Poland match this coming Sunday is the biggest game of the season. "It will be a real test of our character after the heavy defeat, there is still a real togetherness in the camp and i have so much belief in our team! We will beat Poland on Sunday and will be challenging for this cup, maybe we will get City Central again that would be fun!"

The match against FC Poland will be a real test of Totton Towns metal, can they bounce back? The league and cup double is still very much on!


Ben Hillman


Totton Town's domestic treble dream were torn to shreds by an in-form City Central side. City central produced some of there best form to comfortably see off Totton town in the 1st round of the Dr Ryder cup. The match between the two sides was heavily anticipated and had the potential to be a corker.

The Concorde ground has been a good ground for TTFC, who fancied beating anyone on this pitch. The kick off was delayed by 15 minutes due to Central requiring to change strip because of a kit clash. The first half began and Central were right on there game from the first whistle! The first 20 minutes and Central were completely dominating the match with far more of the possession, and the chances, the defence stood well to the Central onslaught, and it was an onslaught! The way the match was going it was only a matter of time for the away side to score, as Totton town could not get hold of the ball in any area of the pitch.

By 25 minutes Central should really have been at least 3-0 up as the pressure Totton endured was relentless. The goal for Central finally came just before the half hour, and no one could argue that they didn't deserve it, 1-0. It was pretty much the same pattern for the rest of the half, the town midfield were completely over-run, despite Matt Froukhians valiant efforts Central were just completely dominating, and were winning almost every challenge, they were just simply quicker to every ball. Totton town were really struggling to build any momentum, Dan Gain and Liam Hanlon, who had been ripping teams apart in the league, were completely isolated and could not build any attack what-so-ever, Central worked immensely hard off the ball and it just kept coming back to the totton defence as they endured a brutal first half of relentless pressure.

Central made it 2-0 with a shot that squeezed under keeper Luke Jerram and into the net, a shot the keeper really should have saved. Just before half time there was a rare chance for Totton town, a chance that looked in, but was cleared off the line, finally TTFC mount an attack. The half whistle went and Totton, although being battered, showed a lot of fighting qualities to keep the score down to 2-0. During the half time interval the Totton town team talk was over shadowed when Leathen Hanlon, who was a linesman during the first half, completely lost his rag with Dan Gain, as the player insisted Leathen 'bottled a few decisions'. The 'bull in a china shop' lived up to his reputation and tried to attack Dan Gain, only to be restrained by team mates Matt Froukhians, Simon Cook and Mr Totton town himself GLENN BAKER! The bull eventually calmed down and was brought on in the second half, he replaced Luke Charles, who Glenn Baker wanted to take off as he thought the centre back was 'well of the pace'.

The second half kicked off and Totton Town reverted back to there 5-3-2 formation, there was plenty of confusion and Central scored with barely a minute gone in the half, Totton had a mountain to climb now! Totton put up a much better resistance and had a 15minute spell where they finally looked comfortable. Town even had a penalty claim turned down as it looked a stone wall penalty, some hope perhaps. But it was short lived and Central moved up a gear, they scored another two and the score was 5-0 after 75minutes!

Totton mounted a few attacks in the last 10 minutes, Ben Hillman producing a superb volley, that was well saved by the Central keeper. The showboat grabbed a goal in the dying minutes of the game, but it was a consolation. Full time!

An overall assessment of the game? Totton town had a few 'ifs' and 'buts' during the 90minutes, if they could produce a goal from the goal line clearance on the stroke of half time. If the referee, who had a very good game, had given the penalty which should have been. If Totton had defended better on two or three of the goals conceded. But all of the above don't over shadow the fact that Totton town were completely played off the park by a very good City Central side, and in all honesty 5-1 was flattering, it could and should have been far worse. Central had pace in there passing, very good movement off the ball and plenty of power that was just too much for Totton town. A wake up call perhaps? Or maybe a football lesson!

Performances? There was no outstanding performances, too many players were well off the pace today. The defence never gave up in the match despite taking a battering! Matt Froukhians was probably Totton towns best player, and he tried very hard to make things happen. Other than that there was some mediocre performances and there will have to be a big improvement against FC Poland.


1. Luke Jerram 4
2. Sam Payne 6
3. Simon Cook 4
4. Aaron Froukhians 6
5. Luke Charles 5 sub 45
6. Adam Mallett 5
7. Matt Froukhians 7
8. Ben Hillman 5
9. Dan Hanlon 4
10. Liam Hanlon 6
11. Dan Gain 5
12. Leathen Hanlon 5 on 45

Man of the Match: Matt Froukhians- battled to the end despite the lost course!

Chairmans Corner

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I'm Glenn Baker. Chairman of Totton Town Football Club. As this week sees a void in fixtures i have decided to take this opportunity to give my view on the club and share with you my superior wisdom of the beautiful game.


Ye, i'm happy with what i've seen so far and to be honest it hasn't come as a surprise to me. The quality of players we have rival any within the Junior and Senior leagues and i strongly believe this will show in next weeks game against City Central. Theres an old saying; ''The bigger they are, the harder they fall'' Theres some truth in this. Obviously when you're as big and strong as I'am then falling isn't an issue. When you are as big as me then you defy Newtons third law of motion. But enough about me. My point is we need to get at City Central and be smarter than our opponents on and off the ball. The one thing that grates me this season is players not letting decisions go. How many referees do you know thats admitted to making a mistake? ''Ye, hang on a minute buddy, in actual fact i think you are right, i'm very sorry for any distress i've caused you heres your penalty'' The best way to put right a wrong is to score a goal. Football is corrupt, it's a game of gangsters and con artists. Keep your friends close and your eneimies closer. I say you have to embrace the referee. Treat him as if hes your old mucker, but the second his back is turned, let whomever you are marking know you are there. Don't hate the player, hate the game.


Luke Jerram GK

Luke has been as reliable as my Rolex and has such a mature head on his shoulders. Distribution was a huge weakness for us before Luke came into the side.

Daniel Hanlon MR/DR/ML/DL

Danny is a massive player for the club. He is playing like a player possessed this season. Probably the most improved player i have seen in such a short space of time. As if by over night he is extremely confident on the ball. Give Danny time and space, he'll kill you!

Luke Charles DC/MC

Luke keeps getting better. Hes a modern day centerback with old fashion attributes. I like the way he can get the ball down and feels at home carrying the ball from deep linking with the midfield. He has been awesome for us this season.

Ben "Showboat" Hillman DL/DC/ML/MC

Ben never seizes to amaze. I'm sure he could pull a rabbit out his shorts if you asked him too. The veteran of the team oozes class and remains calm in any situation. Ben reads the game extremely well and is a vital player for us. He is a big game player.

Aaron Froukhians DC/DR/MC

Aaron has had to reinvent himself as a different style of centerback. His pace has been kidnapped and apparently the police are still looking for it. Nowadays Aaron has the speed of an average human. Unlike his younger years when he was proably the fastest player around. Regardess of this Aaron continues to be one of the players of the season. Aaron has strength, power and he hates conceding goals. A great quality to have for any centerback.

Simon Cook DR/GK

How can you be away from the game for so long and all of a sudden stroll right back in and pick up from where you left off. I don't know? But i know a man who does, Simon Cook has done exactly that. Simon has settled down to his old trusty spot at right back this season and made it his own. Simon oozes John Smiths no nonsense approach. He is a big concern for pacey wingers throughout the league.

Ross Baker DR/DC/MR

Well, Well, My son, Ross.

No Comment.

Ross has been unlucky with injuries but is a player with a big heart. He does a lot for this team and you can see he is itching to get back on the field. If he can stay clear of the Thai women, Ross can be a very good player to have.

Adam Mallet DR/MR

Player of the season so far. The good players make the game look effortless. And if you watch Adam for 5 minutes you may think his mind is somewhere else. However once hes on the field, his work rate is amazing. He is awesome at breaking up the oppositions play. Adam is exceptional in the air, strong in the tackle and deserves the highest possible praise so far this season.

Rob Smith Str/MR

Had a good start. Rob faded a little for a few games. His interest was clearly lacking. I'm yet to properly have a look at the kid.

Kevin Booth ML/DL/DC

Kev has a left foot so sweet it would make your teeth rot. When you think of a creative player then Kev has to be up there with the best Totton Town can offer. And believe me, it's of a very high standard. Kevin is an athlete and a very important player for us.

Sam Payne DL/ML/GK

This cheeky chappy won't shut up when hes on the field. Brilliant at winding up the opposition and do you know what else? Sam can play football. Sam is one of our youngest players. He is a very strong defender and is known to score from long range free kicks. He'll do well to take one with Crouchie on the pitch but with a mouth the sizes of Sams, he has a chance.

Leathen Hanlon MC/ML/DL/DC/DR

What happened to him? Playing within himself this season and he knows he is capable of great things but chooses not to deliver. It's laziness more than anything. His first two games of the season were very special but unfortunately he hasn't sorted his head out and it's showed on the pitch. Theres plenty of the season left for Leathen to start playing again and if this happens, watch out!

Mat Froukhians MC/STR/DC

Mat is the heart of Totton Town Football club. He is the Roy Keane of the side. He would prefer to be discribed as the Vierra of the team but Vierra was more of a silent hitman than a ruthless warrior. He has the respect of every player in the team. Matt never puts in less than 110% in a football match and demands that every player follows their captain. If I could pick somebody to be in the trenches with, then it would be Matt without a doubt. Lovely lad.

Daniel Gain Str/MC/ML/MR/DC/DR/DL/GK

One half of the best strike partnership in the league. I felt we needed Daniel in the midfield at the start of the season to carry the ball from deep but we started playing him upfront and the rest is history. He can devastate teams on his own. His ability to hold onto the ball for long periods is second to none. I'd shake hands with anybody who can take the ball off him. The player they call Crouchie is having an incredible season. He is a different class.

Liam Hanlon Str/MC/ML/MR/DL/DR/GK

Liam is quite possibly Robbie Fowler and Craig Bellemy's love child. He is by far the best natural finisher around and a player who likes to cut corners. He is one of the most intelligent footballers i have worked with. Liams qualities are in abundance and i won't be surprised if he gets 50 goals this season.


Where were you 3 hours ago?

I was in bed with charlie my cat.

Who are you in love with?

What?? My wife, Lesley Baker

Have you ever eaten a crayon?

You what? have i ever eaten a crayon?, Don't be ridiculous!

Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?

Not right now, but your eye might be if this carrys on!

Are you wearing socks right now?

Ye, black ones, why?

Do you have a car worth more than £2,000?

Ha, my lawn mower is worh more than £2,000!!

What are you wearing right now?

A black tight top, black trousser and my nike trainers,, what is this??

What was the last thing you had to drink?


Worst injury you 've ever had?

Thats better, well i busted my knee pretty bad. You see that scarr, well they didn't have a scalpal at the time so they had to cut it open with a buter knife, i was in surgery for 43 hours and i was wide awake. I declined the sleep drugs, i'm not a whimp.

When is the last time you ran?

I don't know but i'll be running after you right now,,,, come here!!!!


Interview terminated.



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Totton Town defender Aaron Froukhians has hit back at all his critics, and has laughed off claims that he is 'too slow' when it comes down to playing against the bigger and better sides.

Being nick named 'the snail' and with the City Central game coming up in two weeks, many believe Aaron may struggle to come to terms with Centrals pace and penetration in attack.

"Yes, being honest i do lack a little pace now" admitted Aaron in today's interview. Aaron was well known for his blistering pace in his younger years, but today claims he is a better player now. "i have far more intelligence, technically I'm still OK and i believe i am a very different player now, a better player perhaps",he went on to say "i need to work on my fitness and sharpness but I'm getting better with every game i feel, hey Cannavaro for Italy has no pace and he is one of the finest defenders on the planet"

Aaron also backed his team-mates in defence and said they have what it takes in the big matches. "since we started to play 4-4-2, we are really starting to gel well in defence, i have developed a good understanding with Luke Charles and Sam Payne has done very well giving us more solidity and aerial ability" Aaron also had this to say about right back Simon Cook "the lad, like myself has not played many matches in the last few years but has come in and done himself and the team proud, he still need more sharpness, but he is getting better with every match and has been Mr reliable for us"

Aaron also said he and the rest of the back four have nothing to prove going into the Central match. "Yes, its going to be a real test for us, by a mile our hardest match of the season, but we know we can raise our game when required. It will be hard for them as well and we will do our up most to deny them time and space, I'm backing the lads to rise to the occasion"


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Former Real Lyndurst midfielder Patrick Hardie has warned his future team-mates of the tactics that City Central play. Pat, who is recovering from a torn cart ledge, will sign for Totton Town when he is fully fit next season.

Not actually played against them himself, Pat turned to an old Lyndhurst team mate Ben Bran for an insight of how the Junior 1 giants play as Ben has played against them in the league for AFC Vear.

"They are a pretty good side you know" Bran tells Pat Hardie, "not to exaggerate they are a bloody good side in the air, they win everything! And you dont want to be giving away cheap corners or set-pieces, because they will punish you! if you stand any chance of beating them, then nullify there aerial threat!". This is coming from a man that is immense in the air himself.

This is not good news for Totton Town as they are not the best side in the air, to be honest average at best! Also another big weapon that Central have is lots of pace in their side, another problem to deal with as the Totton back fours pace is very average. Aaron Froukhians, nick named 'the snail' will have to be on his toes all through this match.

On top of that Central have a wealth of Wessex League experience, a number of players playing for VT FC.

So by the look of things Totton Town don't really have much of a chance in this match with all these issues stacked against them, do TTFC dread this tie? Hell no! Totton Town would not have it any other way and are looking forward to beating the odds and shocking City Central. But most certainly, the warning has been acknowledged.


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Due to the Obelisk match being post-poned, TTFC saw this as an opportunity to head to riverside park just down the road in bitterne, to watch the Machtech - FC Poland match, to get an insight of what the polish side will be like when TTFC face them in the cup.

Without getting too carried away, there was nothing there to be terrified about. Although you could argue that the heavy rain and the uneven pitch was making play difficult, there was a lot of heavy first touches, misplaced passing and being honest, there seemed to be a lack of quality in the polish side as from the first half the Totton squad endured, Machtech were on top in this match and were 2-1 up at half time.

Clearly the Totton players were not too impressed with what they were watching, hence why they left at half time, they had seen enough!

Its still a big match and certainly wont be an easy one, but TTFC can go into this match believing they can make the next round.


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The match between Totton town and Obelisk has been called off, due to the condition of the pitch. The groundsman and referee both came to the same conclusion that the pitch at itchen college today was 'unplayable'.

This has come as a bit of a blow to the TTFC camp, as now there is not another league match to be played till December, so the momentum has stalled, as Totton were going into this game on the back of 7 straight wins!

Totton town will have to turn there priorities to the cup competitions, the crunch match with City Central is only 2 weeks away!

Forthcoming Fixtures

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Totton Town underdogs in cup yet again!

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There was yet more harsh news for Totton town in the Southampton cup 2nd round as they were drawn against junior 1 giants FC Poland. TTFC received a bye in the first round. This draw has come in just 3 days after the club had drawn City Central in the Dr Ryder cup.

Another big performance will most certainly be required against a side that are undefeated this season. Like Central, FC Poland have a very impressive record this season, and there past results suggest they will a very hard side to beat. Totton town will most certainly be labelled as big underdogs in both these ties!

But on the other side of the coin Totton town are a team with real quality about them, the togetherness and will to win, shown by the side who thrashed chandlers ford 9-3. One thing is for sure if both junior 1 clubs underestimate Totton Town, it will certainly be a huge mistake and totton have more than enough in the tank to send both these sides for an early bath.

The match with FC Poland will take place on sunday 18th November. Although two real bad draws, TTFC will have the confidence defy the odds and shock both junior 1 giants!

RE: Totton kick off Dr ryder cup VS City Central!

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Totton town have drawn City Central in the first round of the Dr Ryder cup.

City Central lie in third place in the junior 1 division, and aside from Masters at Work who defeated Central 2-0 last week, they have been making mince meat of the teams in their division, managing 30 goals from their first 6 games including a 10-1 destruction of one of Totton town's arch enemies... SOUTHAMPTON CITY! Sorry Leath!

TTFC could not have asked for a tougher match to kick off their cup campaign and will have to be at their best if they are to stop a side which has won an incredible 35 out of 38 league matches since they started in the Sunday league structure!

The match will take place on Sunday 11th November (10:00am Kick-off) at the Concorde. The most exciting tie of the round!

Chandlers Ford 3-9 Totton Town HT:2-4

Dan Gain 4, Liam Hanlon 3, Dan Hanlon, Luke Charles.


Today was a much anticipated game between Totton Town and arguably their toughest opponents of the season Chandlers Ford FC. Chandlers Ford, unbeaten prior to this match, were not short of confidence. The mind games started on Saturday night when TTFC supremo Ross Baker was taunted on the phone by the Chandlers Ford secretary "do you realise you will be playing the best side in the league today? We will expecting to win the league!" The TTFC players didn't need any more firing up as this game was BIG!

There was a pre-match talking to from the referee, who happened to be the Chandlers Ford manager! TTFC knew they were not getting any decisions! First 10 minutes and Chandlers Ford were on top, going 1-0 up due to some careless defending. TTFC had not started, perhaps some players were still feeling the nerves. Straight after the goal TTFC started dominating possession and territory, a string of corners from Leathen Hanlon, who was producing some delightful crosses into the box from the right hand side, came to nothing.

The nerves seemed to diminish and TTFC were well on top, Dan Gain really getting into the match and almost Thierry Henry like, running at defenders for fun. If this carried on it was only going to be a matter of time before the flood gates began to open.

They did open, with Luke Charles grabbing his first goal of the season with a calm one on one finish and Liam Hanlon converting a penalty to make it 2-1. Although Chandlers Ford hit back and scored through a Luke Jerram howler, TTFC scored two more, including a Dan Hanlon penalty, to make the score 4-2 at half time. It could have quite easily been worse for Chandlers Ford, Dan Gain was not in the mood for showing mercy and was ripping their defence apart, like a cat toying with a helpless mouse!

The second half began and within fifteen minutes the match was well and truly over as a contest. Liam Hanlon and Dan Gain were ruthless and ended up notching 7 goals between them! It really was a matter of how many for TTFC as Chandler Ford were showing no sign of resistance and there was certainly a big gulf in class between the sides. The back four in the second half looked very comfortable, but for one comical error in the last minutes of the game. The ball came in and went through Aaron froukhians legs, Luke Charles missed it, then substitute Simon Cook's poor clearance off the line led to Chandlers Ford grabbing a consolation!

The final whistle went and overall it was a total battering! TTFC had finally arrived this season and have no doubt sent a chilling message to the whole division! Performances, Matt Froukhians was very assured in the centre of the park, a solid display. Sam Payne did a very good job at left back and Ben Hillman was very comfortable with the ball, the "Showboat" played some delightful passes. Liam Hanlon, without setting the world alight, still managed a hat-trick and keeps the scoring run going! Dan Gain was awesome today and was man of the match by a country mile (an informal term used to mean a great distance, significantly longer than a real mile), a near flawless display, 4 goals and an assisting role in most of the others! A very good day at the office for TTFC left them in pole position to take the Junior 2 title!

1. Luke Jerram 6
2. Sam Payne 8
3. Adam Mallett 7
4. Aaron Froukhians 7
5. Luke Charles 7
6. Matt Froukhians 8 sub 60
7. Dan Hanlon 7
8. Ben Hillman 7
9. Leathen Hanlon 7
10. Liam Hanlon 8
11. Dan Gain 9
12. Simon cook 6 on 60

Man of the match: Dan Gain - an awesome display, was very close to scoring a 10!

Sports Mania 0-7 Totton Town HT:0-3

Liam Hanlon 4
Daniel Hanlon 2
Leathen Hanlon 1

Totton Town once again brushed aside the opposition with ease today and kept the scoring in the Hanlon family. Totton Town looked solid in every position and played delightfull football at times. Aaron Froukhians added, ''It was a professional performance today but the lads know we have to be on our game next week'' Totton play Chandlers Ford next week who have also been beating teams for fun. Next week will definitley have some reflection on who will win the league.

Totton town 10-0 Romsey OB HT:2-0

Liam Hanlon increased his impressive strike rate to 17 in total with 5 goals against Romsey Old Boys. Daniel Gain also netted 5. Totton Town ran riot and created at least 30 chances during the game. Glenn Baker was disappointed that 20 goals didn't find the back of the net. Totton Town's biggest critic, Pete Gain, was more concerned with Totton's sloppy play: ''Yes we scored 10 today but we can't get into bad habits. We should be winning by a big margin when we have 5 Wessex league players!!!''. Samuel Payne picked up the Man of the match today. He showed to have a mature head at the back for such a little shit (lets be honest).

TT looked impressive going forward and found it too easy at times. This may have caused the sloppy play. Next game is against Sports Mania. This is a potential banana skin as the two teams know each other very well.

Romsey OB 0-6 Totton Town HT:0-2

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The fifth game of the campaign ended in yet another Totton Town victory with the yellow and blacks netting 6 goals for the 3rd successive game. The boozed up Liam Hanlon scored Totton's first two goals. Liam converted a controversial penalty, won by the ever threatening Daniel Gain, before completing his brace with a well worked move down the left. Leathen Hanlon picked Daniel Gain out through the eye of a needle and played an inch perfect ball down the line. Gain cut inside and squared the ball to Liam who turned on a six pence and stabbed the ball into the corner of the net, 2-0 Totton Town. The away team looked solid in every position and gave nothing away. Mathew Froukhians and Adam ''Duck feet'' Mallet looked to be an awesome partnership in the centre of the park. Mallet won everything aerially and Froukhians tidied up on the deck, playing intricate passes and winning vital challenges throughout the match. With manager Ross Baker away on sexy time in Bangkok, Chairman Glenn Baker was in charge and added,, ''Battles were won all over the park today. I'm disappointed we never reached double figures''.
Daniel Gain also came away with a brace in the second half with two magical goals. The Trant quantity surveyor looked like a natural striker and confessed to modelling himself on Emile Heskey - ''I'm powerful like Emile,,I have good height, a great big chest,,whack!!!'' Adam Mallet and Ben ''the show boat'' Hillman added to the score sheet. Duck feet Mallet managed to get his webbed feet to the ball before the keeper in a one on one situation and the ball rolled past the line. Ben Hillman arrived at half time and looked more like an all singing, all dancing cruise ship than an ordinary show boat today scoring with a wonderful long range effort that found the top corner.
The unsung heroes for Totton Town included new centre back Makher and Aaron Froukhians who were completely water tight. Kevin Booth once again provided excellent service to the boys up top and Simon Cook and Daniel Hanlon provided a good partnership down the right.

Manager/Chairman's MOTM : Makher
He was born to play for Totton Town!!
Glenn Baker

Quayside Rangers 2-6 Totton Town HT:0-3

Totton Town beat Quayside rangers 6-2, maintaining their position at the top of Division 2.
The performance wasn't pretty and the football was messy at times, but regardless of the appearance the boys from Totton picked up another 3 points with Liam Hanlon once again scoring a fine hat trick. Daniel Gain came up with 2 goals and Ben ''showboat'' Hillman beautifully dinked the ball over the keeper after a lengthy dribble into the box. Pete Gain added ''Bens finish today reminded me a lot of Ian Rush.'' Pete also added, ''Well even though Totton Town scored 6 goals today, what else did they do?? We can't get into bad habits and we should have netted at least 10 today.'' The performances were few and far between today. However the players that stood out in key areas included Kevin Booth, Adam Mallet, Liam Hanlon, and Daniel Gain.
Manager's man of the match
Adam Mallet.
Worked really hard in the centre, the unsung hero!!!


BCN Masters 0-6 Totton Town HT:0-1

Ross (above right) and former manager Trevor Holmes (above left) enjoying the sights in Cornwall. Ross Baker used time with Trevor to tap into his management knowledge.
The game today looked unnerving on paper with some big names missing from the starting eleven. Totton Town's injury list at present is a concern, with Daniel Gain (hand), Matt Froukhians and Leathen Hanlon (both ankle) all carrying knocks. Totton felt they should have beaten BCN quite comfortably last week but managed to win by only one goal. This week provided a chance to show their opponents the gulf in class that exists between Totton and a mid-table Sunday league team. Ross Baker was shrewd before today's game, signing on two new players: 18 year old striker Nathan and flame headed shotstopper Luke. Matty Redman also came back into the side and Ben Hillman was called upon to produce in the centre of the park. The man they call "showboat" did not let down the expectant Concorde crowd. He completely ran the show from start to finish. The great Johan Cruyff would have been proud of the way Ben constantly changed direction with the ball, bamboozling the hapless BCN defenders. ''Ben knows what he's going to do with the ball before his brain does'' said manager Ross Baker ''what a performance.''
Totton Town looked a big threat going forward throughout and the game really was one way traffic. Liam Hanlon netted a hat trick today which takes him to 7 goals in 3 games. Daniel Hanlon was yet again a contender for man of the match and is beginning to stake a claim for player of the season after another menacing performance, rewarded with a brillant goal. New signing Nathan also scored in his first game for the squad. The last goal of the game came from ''nobody does it better'' Kev Booth from 40 yards out. A sublime strike which arched over the keeper and ended the anihalation of BCN. The game finished 6-0 and Totton Town looked like future champions of Junior 2. There were eleven great performances on show today and even Daniel Gain was called upon to do a job at the back, despite his broken hand, once Aaron Froukhians suffered from a hamstring injury late in the first half.
Manager's Man of the Match
Ben Hillman ''He should be performing on stage''


Totton Town 2-1 BCN Masters HT:1-0

Daniel Hanlon had plenty to dance about today because he helped his side to a 2-1 win over BCN in the league. Totton Town never came out of 3rd gear and still managed to secure the points. Daniel Gain took one for the team and volunteered himself to go in goal. Ross Baker added,, '' Ye what can i say it's typical crouchy he's a nice bloke. He takes one for the team quite alot. When we went on holiday to Thailand we met two girls, one was stunning and the other one, well, i don't think all the viagra in the world would have made a difference. But regardless of that crouchy went for the ugly one and left me to wine and dine the looker. Anyones fine for crouchy, nice bloke. Talking of ugly the game wasn't pretty and we've done exceptionally well today.''

Liam Hanlon yet again was the clubs saviour with two brilliantly taken goals in each half. The first was a header from a beautifully measured Kevin Booth cross and the second came from raw vision from the boy Adam Mallet who played a delightful ball for liam to run onto between defender and goal keeper. With the ball bouncing and the keeper closing liam down the creative striker lifted the ball to perfection over the sloth lookalike BCN goal keepers head.

Although the game looked messy today, chairman Glenn Baker even described it as a dogs breakfast. There was still a number of positives to take out the game. Aaron Froukhians completed his first 90 minutes of the season and should be at the heart of the Totton defence throughout. He was solid today and showed great committment and determination to keep BCN out. The big man did give away a controversial penalty that he still disputes. However referee Glenn Baker saw otherwise and pointed to the spot after Aaron appeared to cut across the players path without intending to play the ball. Kevin Booth came in the side today and gained his first cap of the new campaign. He provided the service for the Liam Hanlon with a number of great balls for Liam to latch onto. Simon Cook stood out today and proved that he really does not fear no man. He was a true rock today and did not seem to be phased by the mouthy wingers of BCN. Simon let his power do the talking and let nothing past him.

The game was stop and start throughout and a number of instances occured that tarnished the game. Referee Glenn Baker dealt with every decision with a very firm hand and would not be intimidated. The man from Broadmeadow was fighting a war on his own today and some may argue that he deserves man of the match. Totton Town put out too many basic performances today and the players know they need more if they want to play Junior 1 football next season. Ross Baker added '' I look at teams like Southampton City and feel thats where we want to be. We need our big players to start performing.''

Mangers man of the match: Kevin Booth
''Looked comfy. His vision is second to none''

AFC Blues 3-2 Totton Town HT:1-1

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FC Blues V Totton Town

Totton Town went into this game with a complacency and arrogance that would see them struggle against any team in the league. Totton forgot the basics in this game. The discipline all over the park was somewhat lacking. The first goal of the game from Liam Hanlon. A left footed strike from an impossible angle sweetly found the back of the net. Everyone on the pitch stood in ore at the genuis of Liam Hanlon 1-0 Totton Town, this seemed like the away teams day. Failure to capitalise on the lead Totton found themselves at 1-1 just before half time conceding from a deep cross to the far post. The back line was in disarray when Hamble's stiker found himself in a spacious area at the back post to head the ball into the net with ease 1-1. The seed of doubt was planted in Totton minds and it occured to all players this league is not a fore gone conclusion.
Second half proved to be a thriller with Hamble taking the lead and yet again Liam Hanlon equalising to make it 2-2 with 20 minutes to go. Unfortunately for Totton Town they never got their act together at the back and failure to put their foot through the ball resulted in another goal for Hamble to make it 3-2. The last 15 minutes of the game was all Totton Town who did everything but score a goal. The game ended with the home team taking all the points.
There are some positives from the game said manager Ross Baker. Danny Hanlon was awesome and looked dangerous throughout the 90 minutes. Little Danny provided the cross for Liam Hanlon's second goal and continued running at players throughout the game. Glenn Baker added, '' Danny looked a big threat.'' Aaron Froukhians put in another solid performance and felt stronger. Maybe in the next game he will last longer but Ross knows Aaron isn't too far away from match fitness. Totton Town did create chances and were extremley unlucky not to take anything from the game.
Totton can only look forward to the next game and it can't come quick enough. ''We need to get it out of our system'' said Glenn Baker and with no game next week the Totton boys will be fully recharged and raring to go again in 2 weeks.

Mangers Man Of The Match: Daniel Hanlon
'' A performance fans love to watch''


Totton Town 2-1 Netley Central HT:0-0

Totton Town V Netley Central Sunday

The last predicted hot weekend of the summer marked the opening day of the season for the Southampton Sunday Football League. Newly established Totton Town began the campaign at their home of the Concorde against Netley Central Sunday who have recently been tipped for the title. Ross Baker's first game in charge marked a highly successful day for the club. The game was played at fast pace with Totton Town creating countless chances but continued seeking the killer instinct in front of goal. Chairman Glenn Baker began to turn up the vocals from the sideline and Totton Town calmed down and started playing all the football in the first half. Center back Aaron Froukhians shone providing the water tight back line along with his brother the captain and natural born leader Mat Froukhians, and the ever reliable Simon Cook. Totton Town immediately started to work away at the Netley defense with penetrating runs from deep by the midfield wizard Daniel Gain and the wing backs Danny Hanlon and Rob Smith who provided great outlets on the flanks. Adam Mallet and Leathen Hanlon did their jobs picking up the pieces in the center and broke up Netley's build up play. Both Charlie and Matt ''Paigner'' looked so strong they could fight crime. The pairing proved too much for Netley who were struggling with the raw pace of both strikers. Half time soon came with nothing to show for all Totton's possession.
Netley took Totton Town by surprise in the second half and Totton had their backs up against the wall. Hillsey and Ben came on for Rob and Aaron and fitted into the team without any disruption. Liam began to show why manager Ross Baker rates him as the best keeper in the league as well as one of the most dangerous offensive outfield players. However Ross knows Liam cannot be in two places at once and in this game Liam's goalie attributes were much needed for Totton Town with a few shaky moments but nothing the highly versatile player couldn't handle. It was looking like Totton Town would never score but when Dan Gain scored from inside the six yard box the game looked like theirs for the taking. Suddenly Totton stopped talking and Netley looked more likely to score. The goal came from Netley soon enough from a set piece. Totton's confidence appeared to be draining and after countless chances in the second half they failed to come up with any answers. Totton seemed to look depleted after 1 goal to show for their superior efforts. Something special was needed for Totton to walk away with all the points and thankfully it came in the slender form of Daniel Gain. The player with the never say die attitude put the ball down for a free kick 35 yards out. Dan Gain, ''Crouchy'' struck the ball with his trade mark inside right foot and the ball swerved quite beautifully into the top right hand corner. Totton Town had arrived in junior 2.

Managers Man of the Match: Leathen Hanlon

'' An angry performance''


Totton Towns' Crouchy does it for Downton!!

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Thats two in two days crouchy!!!


Concorde NS 2-2 Totton Town HT:1-1

Totton Town 2 - 2 Concorde NS
Mallet (20)
Liam Hanlon (70)

Sunday 5th August 10.00am
Stoneham Lane

1. Hillsey
2. Cook
3. A. Froukhians
4. M. Froukhians
5. Leathen Hanlon
6. Ashley Hewer
7. D. Hanlon
8. Kevin Booth
9. Sandford
10. Liam Hanlon
11. Mallett

12. Gain
13. Hall
14. Charles

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Match Profile
Totton Town vs Masters at Work

Totton Town started this match all over the place they had there backs against the wall for the first 20 minutes this lead to the first goal, with 15 minutes played on the clock A lack of communication and marking from a set piece saw a headed shot sail past a frustrated hillsey. This was a wake up call for T.T. With the chairman looking on! things got even worse simon cook picked up a groin strain just after the goal. This needed a re-think, With Crochy on and cook off Skipper Matt Fruity quickly re-shuffled and refurted to a 3-5-2. This centally turned a few heads in the stands T.T started to play a bit of football

Totton Town 3 - 3 Masters at Work

Totton Town 3 vs. 3 Masters at Work (0:2)
Crouchy (35)
Liam Hanlon (50,65)

Sunday 29th July 11.00am
Southampton Sports Center

First friendly of the season against a side who pretty much cleared up Junior 2 last season and won the Junior B cup on penalties against Totton United.

The friendly will be the first time "The Makhs" have ever played together, its a time to get tatics and positions right in time for the upcoming season.

2.Cook (10mins)
6.Leathen Hanlon
7.D. Hanlon
10.Liam Hanlon

12.Gain (10mins)


Bristol Congos Birthday!!!!!

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Just a few of the highs of the bristol weekend. there is plenty more to come!

Downton FC on the Blog!!!

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Aaron on the job

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Lets talk Tactics !

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Ross Baker and Danny "The Helmet, Rubber Dildo" Hanlon talk tactics.

Baker - "I'll silence those Critics"

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Ross Baker has sensationally hit out against the public and vows to silent his critics. The ex Romsey Town right back who is currently playing for Fawley was heard slamming those who doubt the ability of TTFC.

"Totton Town will go places next year and the player/secretary will do anything in his power to prove this" said Glenn Baker.

This picture shows Ross standing by his word !!!

" Ahh, its embarrassing, I mean, its like a conference player calling Gary Neville shit!"

Totton Town - The night in Mono !

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The pre-season night out in Mono was a night to remember. TTFC bossed Mono and to be fair the whole of Southampton didn't know what hit it!!
The squad will be looking to clear up next season with a possible treble including the Sunday FA Cup. TTFC have been a part of various competitions and have always held their ground and dominated. The Monday night success story so far of Premier League leaders at VIDA will be sure to ooze confidence in the remaining TTFC players. TTFC are currently undefeated at the top of the league taking 16 points from a possible 18.

Congo wants blood

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The Gorilla in the midfield engine room is getting ready to cause some serious harm next season.
He is known as the incredible wild silverback when he loses his temper and is likely to get sent off at least twice next season. Congo can smell blood from as far as two football pitches away. Fans are worried that he may interfere with neighbouring football matches if somebody gets an open cut.
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Liam will get goals

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Huge things are expected from the Totton born and bred whizz kid Liam Hanlon next season.
Liam has shown he has an eye for goal this season at Vida. Fans believe he will carry this form to the Sunday league. Opponents beware!!
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Forset Gate, The back bone of Totton Town fc

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Forest Gate At Vida Southampton before another successfull win!!!

Aladin, Crouchie, Candy, Bean
Lil Boy, Congo, and testie
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Totton Town Chairman Glenn Baker out witht the Hanlons!!
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Totton Town Footbal Club Est. 2007

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This is the first post made on April 02 2007 at 22:23, I'm looking forward to the new season as i'm sure we all are. I hope this site is a success and is used by everyone in the team during the season. On behalf of the chariman,

''If you are going to be late with tackles this season,, then be sure to hit the bloke the next day!'' Glenn Baker

Theres more....

''Good players don't get injuried'' Peter Gain

''I'm not a good player, i'm a great player'' Dan Gain

''The thing about Best is,,,,,,,,'' Pete Gain

Why do this, when you can do THIS!!! Glenn Baker

''Downton will do well if they finish bottom!'' Peter Gain

''Look, over there, 2 fitties and one ugly bird'',,, ''which one did you pull'' ''which one do you think'!!' Ross Baker

''I want to play a 4-4-2 on the swivvel'' Danny Miller

''I'm not affraid of you Gavin!'' Ian Snook

''Shes alright!'' LSD

''I'll tell you what lads, we have a good team,, but we've got a great bench!'' Jeff Softley

''He can't play,, looks like a duck in a sandpit!'' Glenn- Romsey coach

''Yep,, we've got money, see that club house, we're ripping that out and getting a new cunt in there!'' Trevor Holmes Romsey Manager

''Natty,, f**king Natty!!'' ''Natty's not even on the pitch!'' Julian Coach

''He couldn't beat a nooddle!'' Justin Kerr

''I've played under Trevor Holmes, there not a bad little side!'' John Mollun

''Trigger, I'm fitter than trigger!!'' Pete Gain

''You pay because you need to pay!!'' Melvin Romsey Security.

''Dave,, DAAAVE,, take me home Daave!!'' Melvin Romsey Security

''See that, the mirror doesn't lie crouchie!!'' Dan Gaffer Smith

''There he is look, there he is player, there he is look,, look there he is,, there he is look!!'' Hoppy

{Downton away changing room, players sat down,,, suddenly banging on the door}

''What the hell, sounds like a buffalo'' Darol

''Make it hurt, make it hurt!!'' John Dawson

Referee ''Come on fellas, lets check your studs''

Dan Gaffer Smith ''No need ref, i'm the only one here!''

''The pakistanie bowlers'' Ross Baker

''ERRR,, Everton football club!!'' Dan Gain

''You should get a skull on your forehead'' Daniel Hanlon

''Excuse me, can i have some lettice please,, Thankyou'' Adam Mallet

Ross Baker to chinese waitress - ''Yiamass'' (meaning ''cheers'' in greek)