Chandlers Ford 3-9 Totton Town HT:2-4

Dan Gain 4, Liam Hanlon 3, Dan Hanlon, Luke Charles.


Today was a much anticipated game between Totton Town and arguably their toughest opponents of the season Chandlers Ford FC. Chandlers Ford, unbeaten prior to this match, were not short of confidence. The mind games started on Saturday night when TTFC supremo Ross Baker was taunted on the phone by the Chandlers Ford secretary "do you realise you will be playing the best side in the league today? We will expecting to win the league!" The TTFC players didn't need any more firing up as this game was BIG!

There was a pre-match talking to from the referee, who happened to be the Chandlers Ford manager! TTFC knew they were not getting any decisions! First 10 minutes and Chandlers Ford were on top, going 1-0 up due to some careless defending. TTFC had not started, perhaps some players were still feeling the nerves. Straight after the goal TTFC started dominating possession and territory, a string of corners from Leathen Hanlon, who was producing some delightful crosses into the box from the right hand side, came to nothing.

The nerves seemed to diminish and TTFC were well on top, Dan Gain really getting into the match and almost Thierry Henry like, running at defenders for fun. If this carried on it was only going to be a matter of time before the flood gates began to open.

They did open, with Luke Charles grabbing his first goal of the season with a calm one on one finish and Liam Hanlon converting a penalty to make it 2-1. Although Chandlers Ford hit back and scored through a Luke Jerram howler, TTFC scored two more, including a Dan Hanlon penalty, to make the score 4-2 at half time. It could have quite easily been worse for Chandlers Ford, Dan Gain was not in the mood for showing mercy and was ripping their defence apart, like a cat toying with a helpless mouse!

The second half began and within fifteen minutes the match was well and truly over as a contest. Liam Hanlon and Dan Gain were ruthless and ended up notching 7 goals between them! It really was a matter of how many for TTFC as Chandler Ford were showing no sign of resistance and there was certainly a big gulf in class between the sides. The back four in the second half looked very comfortable, but for one comical error in the last minutes of the game. The ball came in and went through Aaron froukhians legs, Luke Charles missed it, then substitute Simon Cook's poor clearance off the line led to Chandlers Ford grabbing a consolation!

The final whistle went and overall it was a total battering! TTFC had finally arrived this season and have no doubt sent a chilling message to the whole division! Performances, Matt Froukhians was very assured in the centre of the park, a solid display. Sam Payne did a very good job at left back and Ben Hillman was very comfortable with the ball, the "Showboat" played some delightful passes. Liam Hanlon, without setting the world alight, still managed a hat-trick and keeps the scoring run going! Dan Gain was awesome today and was man of the match by a country mile (an informal term used to mean a great distance, significantly longer than a real mile), a near flawless display, 4 goals and an assisting role in most of the others! A very good day at the office for TTFC left them in pole position to take the Junior 2 title!

1. Luke Jerram 6
2. Sam Payne 8
3. Adam Mallett 7
4. Aaron Froukhians 7
5. Luke Charles 7
6. Matt Froukhians 8 sub 60
7. Dan Hanlon 7
8. Ben Hillman 7
9. Leathen Hanlon 7
10. Liam Hanlon 8
11. Dan Gain 9
12. Simon cook 6 on 60

Man of the match: Dan Gain - an awesome display, was very close to scoring a 10!

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