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Totton Town V Chandlers Ford Atheletic


Totton Town 5 v 1 AFC Blues

Totton Town 5 v 1 AFC Blues
(Liam Hanlon 2)
(Ben Hillman 2)
(Matt Redman 1)

Gardeners Arms 2 v 3 Totton Town

Gardeners Arms 2 v 3 Totton Town

(Nathan nasty Ward 2)
(Liam Bean Hanlon 1)

Totton Town 1 v 1 Old House at Home

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Totton Town 1 v 1 Old House at Home

Liam Hanlon netted the only goal for TT today which secured the point.

Quayside Rangers 0 V 4 Totton Town

Jeram is over the moon with a well earned clean sheet today. Looking comfortable at the back Totton never really looked under threat. The defence had the legs on the Quayside attackers. Totton did not use the ball well enough today all over the park. The heavy night before played a factor in Totton looking somewhat disjointed today. Sam Payne expressed his concern by storming off the field after the game in disgust. The mouthy center back who was a contender for man of the match today was not happy with the strikers and claimed they were messing around. Dan Gain held up his hands and admitted it wasn't through lack of effort it was just because he was rubbish. Glenn Baker backed Daniels comments, ''Yes, Daniel was bloody woeful today!'' Yet again the side never performed and walked away with maximum points. On some occasions Tottons play was so ugly at times spectator Pat Hardie had his back to the game. Pat Hardie will be a vital player for Totton if they achieve promotion this season. A new Scotish signing on a free added to the Totton offence. Finn showed some glimmers of class today and looks to be a good signing. Leathen Hanlon scored the first goal of the game settling everyones nerves as the game was thought to have been a potential banana skin. Daniel Gain added a second before half time with a solo effort and looked to start bossing the game from then on. However there was no build up play and there never appeared to be any life in the game.
Luke Charles added a third to set Totton Town at ease but they never really looked convincing. Ben Hillman scored a goal only Ben Hillman knows how. A chip over the keeper from 35 yards out completed a comfortable unsightly victory. Ben showed composure and cheek to catch the keeper off his line, it was good to watch says Pat Hardie while tucking into his bargain bucket from the sideline.

Man Of The Match

Ross Baker

He kept the troops in order today and lead by example, good strong tackles and a firey belly.

Old House at Home 0 V 5 Totton Town / Obelisk 1 V 4 Totton Town

The table tells the title contenders it's squeaky bum time in the league with Totton Town with a game in hand many would feel it's better to have points in the bag. Quayside Rangers are tricky opponents.
In recent weeks the men from Totton have brushed past Old House at Home and Obelisk with ease. The class of the team pushing for the league title was apparent. Totton never really took play out of 2nd gear with Mat Froukhians whom has found a hot streak at present netting in his second successive game. Goals from Liam and Mr showboat Hillman were as predictable as
a race between Aaron Froukhians and a Milk Float. Young Guns Nathan and Tom Luke pitched in with some well worked goals. Ross Baker stood out today. His first start for the club and performed as if he was playing all season. Baker produced some delightful crosses on the right and looked to be a huge threat physically and mentally. The back line made defending look easy with Sam Payne and Luke Charles proving to be a formidible partnership at the back. Captain Charles and Man of the Match Sam Payne completely bossed the play at the back and the ''up she goes'' strategy of play is certainly making Luke Jerams job between the sticks easy on a sunday morning.
Man Of The Match : Samuel PayneR
Totton proved once again to be more of a handful for Obelisk who looked somewhat out of shape, over stretched and totally out played. However against the run of play Totton found themselves one goal down and struggled to find an immediate answer. The Totton Town player of the season, Golden Boot, Newly engaged, founder of missing co-worker Liam Hanlon looked like it wasn't going to be his day. But as with all geat players he kept his head and on his 4th chance on goal he scored and followed up with another in the second half. The goal scoring was kept in the Hanlon family when Leathen Hanlon making up good ground along the left hand side entered the box and mopped up a loose clearance and smacked the ball between the sticks. Leathen was having a good day in his more natural position at left back. '' What can i say...I'm finally home''
Ben Hillman dinked the ball over the keeper late into the second half from a measured pass from Leathen and the points were as good as in the bag. Once again the backline were completely solid and the midfield engine of Mat and Moulon doing the doggy work insuring Obelisks efforts came to nothing. The slope of the pitch proved to be difficult with Glenn Baker employed to be ball boy throughout the game to keep retreiving the wayward balls running down the hill. Some say Glenn needed the work out others say he sleeps upside down with both his cats dangling from his ear lobes, we only know him to be Glenn Baaaaker!!
Man OF the Match : Leathen Hanlon


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Netley Central 0 V 2 Totton Town

The Totton Town website writers ended their 6 week strike today after receiving a handwritten apology from chairman Glenn Baker regarding the abismal performances of late and a promise that things would get better. The writers held a meeting that ran into the early hours and have agreed terms. TTFC have a regular updated website once more. The chairman was true to his word with Totton Town comfortably beating Netley Central by two goals to nil. ''Probably the best alround performance thisseason'' Commented Glenn Baker after the game. ''That'll give em something to write about!'' The game kicked off with a confident TT who took the game to the home team and dominated the play in every postion. The first chance of the game fell to Leathen Hanlon who was slotted through by Dan Gain with a well weighted pass. Hanlon decided to strike early with his left only to find the keeper anticipating his intention and collecting the ball with ease. As time went on TT looked like a different team from past performances. The back line were inspirational and dealt with everything in a no nonsense fashion. Sam Payne lead by example. ''Ye,, Sam had something to prove today. He was stripped of his captains arm band before the game and threw his shirt down in disgust. I knew he would react.'' Added Ross Baker. The first goal came from Liam Hanlon with an incredible solo effort. Liam took the ''ball'' by the horns and won two challanges after rounding three players before slotting the ball neatly past the keeper. ''The goal was raw genius'' remarked Glenn Baker. Fox in the box Matt Froukians was the second goal scorer of the game and manouved himself to strike the ball through a crowd which found the back of the net. For the work rate Matt has shown this season a goal is the least he deserves. Hopefully the Fox will be on the prowl in the next game. Froukhians and Gain linked up superbly in the center. The second half saw TT produce a variety of chances that never mounted to a change in scoreline. The backline provided such reassurance that TT never looked like hanging onto their lead. Ben and Leathen continued their tiffs on the left. ''It's like they are a married couple or two grumpy old men'' Glenn Baker. Fans favourite Ross Baker came on today for the last 15 minutes. He lead by example and expressed the passion of a spartan. It was a truely RRRRRRoaring display by Baker who intimidated the Netley Central players and even silenced the capacity crowd of 10 towards the end of the game. Glenn Baker added ''Ross is like the football equivalent of Monica Seles, always grunting... i don't know...each to his own.'' Every player for TT today performed well and the league is back in contention. It's in our hands now. ''UP SHE GOES!!''