Old House at Home 0 V 5 Totton Town / Obelisk 1 V 4 Totton Town

The table tells the title contenders it's squeaky bum time in the league with Totton Town with a game in hand many would feel it's better to have points in the bag. Quayside Rangers are tricky opponents.
In recent weeks the men from Totton have brushed past Old House at Home and Obelisk with ease. The class of the team pushing for the league title was apparent. Totton never really took play out of 2nd gear with Mat Froukhians whom has found a hot streak at present netting in his second successive game. Goals from Liam and Mr showboat Hillman were as predictable as
a race between Aaron Froukhians and a Milk Float. Young Guns Nathan and Tom Luke pitched in with some well worked goals. Ross Baker stood out today. His first start for the club and performed as if he was playing all season. Baker produced some delightful crosses on the right and looked to be a huge threat physically and mentally. The back line made defending look easy with Sam Payne and Luke Charles proving to be a formidible partnership at the back. Captain Charles and Man of the Match Sam Payne completely bossed the play at the back and the ''up she goes'' strategy of play is certainly making Luke Jerams job between the sticks easy on a sunday morning.
Man Of The Match : Samuel PayneR
Totton proved once again to be more of a handful for Obelisk who looked somewhat out of shape, over stretched and totally out played. However against the run of play Totton found themselves one goal down and struggled to find an immediate answer. The Totton Town player of the season, Golden Boot, Newly engaged, founder of missing co-worker Liam Hanlon looked like it wasn't going to be his day. But as with all geat players he kept his head and on his 4th chance on goal he scored and followed up with another in the second half. The goal scoring was kept in the Hanlon family when Leathen Hanlon making up good ground along the left hand side entered the box and mopped up a loose clearance and smacked the ball between the sticks. Leathen was having a good day in his more natural position at left back. '' What can i say...I'm finally home''
Ben Hillman dinked the ball over the keeper late into the second half from a measured pass from Leathen and the points were as good as in the bag. Once again the backline were completely solid and the midfield engine of Mat and Moulon doing the doggy work insuring Obelisks efforts came to nothing. The slope of the pitch proved to be difficult with Glenn Baker employed to be ball boy throughout the game to keep retreiving the wayward balls running down the hill. Some say Glenn needed the work out others say he sleeps upside down with both his cats dangling from his ear lobes, we only know him to be Glenn Baaaaker!!
Man OF the Match : Leathen Hanlon

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