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Totton Town's domestic treble dream were torn to shreds by an in-form City Central side. City central produced some of there best form to comfortably see off Totton town in the 1st round of the Dr Ryder cup. The match between the two sides was heavily anticipated and had the potential to be a corker.

The Concorde ground has been a good ground for TTFC, who fancied beating anyone on this pitch. The kick off was delayed by 15 minutes due to Central requiring to change strip because of a kit clash. The first half began and Central were right on there game from the first whistle! The first 20 minutes and Central were completely dominating the match with far more of the possession, and the chances, the defence stood well to the Central onslaught, and it was an onslaught! The way the match was going it was only a matter of time for the away side to score, as Totton town could not get hold of the ball in any area of the pitch.

By 25 minutes Central should really have been at least 3-0 up as the pressure Totton endured was relentless. The goal for Central finally came just before the half hour, and no one could argue that they didn't deserve it, 1-0. It was pretty much the same pattern for the rest of the half, the town midfield were completely over-run, despite Matt Froukhians valiant efforts Central were just completely dominating, and were winning almost every challenge, they were just simply quicker to every ball. Totton town were really struggling to build any momentum, Dan Gain and Liam Hanlon, who had been ripping teams apart in the league, were completely isolated and could not build any attack what-so-ever, Central worked immensely hard off the ball and it just kept coming back to the totton defence as they endured a brutal first half of relentless pressure.

Central made it 2-0 with a shot that squeezed under keeper Luke Jerram and into the net, a shot the keeper really should have saved. Just before half time there was a rare chance for Totton town, a chance that looked in, but was cleared off the line, finally TTFC mount an attack. The half whistle went and Totton, although being battered, showed a lot of fighting qualities to keep the score down to 2-0. During the half time interval the Totton town team talk was over shadowed when Leathen Hanlon, who was a linesman during the first half, completely lost his rag with Dan Gain, as the player insisted Leathen 'bottled a few decisions'. The 'bull in a china shop' lived up to his reputation and tried to attack Dan Gain, only to be restrained by team mates Matt Froukhians, Simon Cook and Mr Totton town himself GLENN BAKER! The bull eventually calmed down and was brought on in the second half, he replaced Luke Charles, who Glenn Baker wanted to take off as he thought the centre back was 'well of the pace'.

The second half kicked off and Totton Town reverted back to there 5-3-2 formation, there was plenty of confusion and Central scored with barely a minute gone in the half, Totton had a mountain to climb now! Totton put up a much better resistance and had a 15minute spell where they finally looked comfortable. Town even had a penalty claim turned down as it looked a stone wall penalty, some hope perhaps. But it was short lived and Central moved up a gear, they scored another two and the score was 5-0 after 75minutes!

Totton mounted a few attacks in the last 10 minutes, Ben Hillman producing a superb volley, that was well saved by the Central keeper. The showboat grabbed a goal in the dying minutes of the game, but it was a consolation. Full time!

An overall assessment of the game? Totton town had a few 'ifs' and 'buts' during the 90minutes, if they could produce a goal from the goal line clearance on the stroke of half time. If the referee, who had a very good game, had given the penalty which should have been. If Totton had defended better on two or three of the goals conceded. But all of the above don't over shadow the fact that Totton town were completely played off the park by a very good City Central side, and in all honesty 5-1 was flattering, it could and should have been far worse. Central had pace in there passing, very good movement off the ball and plenty of power that was just too much for Totton town. A wake up call perhaps? Or maybe a football lesson!

Performances? There was no outstanding performances, too many players were well off the pace today. The defence never gave up in the match despite taking a battering! Matt Froukhians was probably Totton towns best player, and he tried very hard to make things happen. Other than that there was some mediocre performances and there will have to be a big improvement against FC Poland.


1. Luke Jerram 4
2. Sam Payne 6
3. Simon Cook 4
4. Aaron Froukhians 6
5. Luke Charles 5 sub 45
6. Adam Mallett 5
7. Matt Froukhians 7
8. Ben Hillman 5
9. Dan Hanlon 4
10. Liam Hanlon 6
11. Dan Gain 5
12. Leathen Hanlon 5 on 45

Man of the Match: Matt Froukhians- battled to the end despite the lost course!

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