Totton Town Footbal Club Est. 2007

By tottontownfc
This is the first post made on April 02 2007 at 22:23, I'm looking forward to the new season as i'm sure we all are. I hope this site is a success and is used by everyone in the team during the season. On behalf of the chariman,

''If you are going to be late with tackles this season,, then be sure to hit the bloke the next day!'' Glenn Baker

Theres more....

''Good players don't get injuried'' Peter Gain

''I'm not a good player, i'm a great player'' Dan Gain

''The thing about Best is,,,,,,,,'' Pete Gain

Why do this, when you can do THIS!!! Glenn Baker

''Downton will do well if they finish bottom!'' Peter Gain

''Look, over there, 2 fitties and one ugly bird'',,, ''which one did you pull'' ''which one do you think'!!' Ross Baker

''I want to play a 4-4-2 on the swivvel'' Danny Miller

''I'm not affraid of you Gavin!'' Ian Snook

''Shes alright!'' LSD

''I'll tell you what lads, we have a good team,, but we've got a great bench!'' Jeff Softley

''He can't play,, looks like a duck in a sandpit!'' Glenn- Romsey coach

''Yep,, we've got money, see that club house, we're ripping that out and getting a new cunt in there!'' Trevor Holmes Romsey Manager

''Natty,, f**king Natty!!'' ''Natty's not even on the pitch!'' Julian Coach

''He couldn't beat a nooddle!'' Justin Kerr

''I've played under Trevor Holmes, there not a bad little side!'' John Mollun

''Trigger, I'm fitter than trigger!!'' Pete Gain

''You pay because you need to pay!!'' Melvin Romsey Security.

''Dave,, DAAAVE,, take me home Daave!!'' Melvin Romsey Security

''See that, the mirror doesn't lie crouchie!!'' Dan Gaffer Smith

''There he is look, there he is player, there he is look,, look there he is,, there he is look!!'' Hoppy

{Downton away changing room, players sat down,,, suddenly banging on the door}

''What the hell, sounds like a buffalo'' Darol

''Make it hurt, make it hurt!!'' John Dawson

Referee ''Come on fellas, lets check your studs''

Dan Gaffer Smith ''No need ref, i'm the only one here!''

''The pakistanie bowlers'' Ross Baker

''ERRR,, Everton football club!!'' Dan Gain

''You should get a skull on your forehead'' Daniel Hanlon

''Excuse me, can i have some lettice please,, Thankyou'' Adam Mallet

Ross Baker to chinese waitress - ''Yiamass'' (meaning ''cheers'' in greek)


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