Totton Town 2-1 BCN Masters HT:1-0

Daniel Hanlon had plenty to dance about today because he helped his side to a 2-1 win over BCN in the league. Totton Town never came out of 3rd gear and still managed to secure the points. Daniel Gain took one for the team and volunteered himself to go in goal. Ross Baker added,, '' Ye what can i say it's typical crouchy he's a nice bloke. He takes one for the team quite alot. When we went on holiday to Thailand we met two girls, one was stunning and the other one, well, i don't think all the viagra in the world would have made a difference. But regardless of that crouchy went for the ugly one and left me to wine and dine the looker. Anyones fine for crouchy, nice bloke. Talking of ugly the game wasn't pretty and we've done exceptionally well today.''

Liam Hanlon yet again was the clubs saviour with two brilliantly taken goals in each half. The first was a header from a beautifully measured Kevin Booth cross and the second came from raw vision from the boy Adam Mallet who played a delightful ball for liam to run onto between defender and goal keeper. With the ball bouncing and the keeper closing liam down the creative striker lifted the ball to perfection over the sloth lookalike BCN goal keepers head.

Although the game looked messy today, chairman Glenn Baker even described it as a dogs breakfast. There was still a number of positives to take out the game. Aaron Froukhians completed his first 90 minutes of the season and should be at the heart of the Totton defence throughout. He was solid today and showed great committment and determination to keep BCN out. The big man did give away a controversial penalty that he still disputes. However referee Glenn Baker saw otherwise and pointed to the spot after Aaron appeared to cut across the players path without intending to play the ball. Kevin Booth came in the side today and gained his first cap of the new campaign. He provided the service for the Liam Hanlon with a number of great balls for Liam to latch onto. Simon Cook stood out today and proved that he really does not fear no man. He was a true rock today and did not seem to be phased by the mouthy wingers of BCN. Simon let his power do the talking and let nothing past him.

The game was stop and start throughout and a number of instances occured that tarnished the game. Referee Glenn Baker dealt with every decision with a very firm hand and would not be intimidated. The man from Broadmeadow was fighting a war on his own today and some may argue that he deserves man of the match. Totton Town put out too many basic performances today and the players know they need more if they want to play Junior 1 football next season. Ross Baker added '' I look at teams like Southampton City and feel thats where we want to be. We need our big players to start performing.''

Mangers man of the match: Kevin Booth
''Looked comfy. His vision is second to none''

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