Baker - On the mend !

By tottontownfc

Ross Baker's long awaited come back has taken a turn for Acting Secretary, Ross surprising came through a Downton training session without incident and is looking towards the future. Ross (Right) has been out since May after under going Cruciate knee ligament surgery & the knee has been responding ahead on schedule. Ross Baker has been talking exculsivley to TTFC.

Q1 so then Ross welcome to TTFC on the blog!!! How are you today?

I'm great thanks. Just finished my Christmas shopping.

Q2 so your currently injured…what exactly is wrong???

I had my right knee re-constructed in May which is a big injury.

Q3 So a big day is looming for totton town…when are you looking to return to first team football?

I'm looking at January 2008- I don't wont to rush back too soon in case of any further setbacks.

Q4 How do you feel about Totton Town being placed in junior 2?

Very pleased but there is still a lot of hard work to do.

Q5 Which team Totton Town has played against impressed you the most?

Adam Mallett- His work rate and commitment has really pleased me and I like players like that. Liam Hanlon- The way he played against City central in the 2nd half was quality.

Q7 How come TTFC have lost there last 2 games??

Playing against 2 good sides who have been together for years although FC Poland should of been dispatced.

Q8 Do we miss Boothy?


Q9 Where would you fit into in the first team??

At the back or on the wings. I reckon I could even do a job uptop.

Q10 What was your reaction about the 2-1 defeat to AFC Blues.

We were very naive that day and our old keeper made mistakes but we weren't at the races to be fair.

Q11 What was your reaction to the 9-3 defeat of Chandlers Ford Ath??

It was a great feeling to punish and destroy the league leaders, Dan Gain ran the show but I thought my management that day proved key.

Q12 Who is the worst dressed player??

Sam Payne - He loves that blue hoody!!!

Q13 who is the ultimate puller????


Q14 What would Jason Barnes bring to the squad?????

Length and a great left foot.

Q15 Who has scored the best goal this season??

Boothy against BCN, it was a great chip from at least 30 yards.

Q16 How is Glenn??

He is good. He is off to the Orange rooms tonight.

Q17 How is Charlie the cat??

Still bossing Broadmeadow.

Q18 What will you bring us in May??? (Judge me in may)???

The junior 2 title and pulling!!!!!!!!!

Q19 who is the longest in the showers????

Liam Hanlon

Q20 how big are you bell-end wise???

The biggest!!!!!!!!!
Ummm!! Thanks Ross!

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  1. TTFC1 12 December 2007 at 10:39
    I think Ross gets confused when he is called the "Biggest Bell End" !!!!

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